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Friday, May 8, 2009

More Tulip Breastpump- Manual

Heya everyone!
Assalamualaikum & Have a very good day.. :)

More Tulip Breastpump- Manual
  • All NEW, unless stated.
  • All FREE POSTAGE from UK to worldwide! An offer u can't hardly resist, can you? :)
  • Attention! Free postage is only via a normal airmail. Please add RM25 if you want a registered one, thank you.
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks after full payment as item will be delivered direct from UK to your doorstep.
  • Please click picture to enlarge.

:: TMB2 ::
:: Philips AVENT Isis Breastpump with Breast Pads ::

  • Retail Price : RM249
  • Tulip Price : RM199 only!
  • Product Description:

With the help of the Philips AVENT ISIS Breast Pump you can express your milk quickly and comfortably into AVENT Feeding Bottles or VIA pre-sterilised cups for storage in the fridge or freezer. That way, someone else can give the occasional feed, and if you go back to work, your baby can still benefit from your breast milk.

Includes 20 Ultra comfort disposable breast pads.

:: TMB3 ::
:: Philips Avent ISIS Breastpump
with VIA Storage System ::

  • Retail Price : RM279
  • Tulip Price : RM239 only!
  • Product Description:

Philips AVENT ISIS Breast pump allows you to express your milk directly into the VIA Cups for storage in one easy step.

Gently stimulates fast milk flow with patented Let-down Massage Cushion. Philips Avent ISIS Breast pump is ideal for storage in fridge / freezer

  • Includes
  1. Philips AVENT ISIS Manual Breast Pump
  2. 5 x VIA lids
  3. 5 x Pre-sterilised 180ml/6oz VIA Cups
  4. 2 x VIA Adapters
  5. 2 x Airflex Teat Travel Packs

:: TMB4 ::
:: Philips Avent ISIS Manual Breastpump
Out and About Set ::
  • Retail Price : RM389.90
  • Tulip Price : RM329.90 only!
  • Shipping weight : 1kg
  • Product Description:

The ISIS Out & About Set contains everything you need to maintain your milk supply and to express and store your breast milk when away from your baby.

So if you need to leave your baby for a few hours or even for the whole day, you can transport your milk home safely in the discreet stylish microfibre bag.

With the help of frozen cool packs, milk will stay cool for up to 6 hours.

  • Contains:
  1. ISIS Breast Pump with Sterile Travel Covers Microfibre Insulated Shoulder Bag
  2. 2 Milk Storage Bottles with Sealing Discs (125ml/4oz)
  3. 2 Milk Storage Bottles with Sealing Discs (260ml/9oz)
  4. 2 Newborn Teats
  5. 2 Dome Caps
  6. 2 Flexible Cool Packs
  7. 8 ULTRA Comfort Disposable Breast Pads
  8. Drawstring Storage Bag

Please keep visiting for more. Happy Shopping! :)
Lots of tulips. Cheers!


vtec said...

vtec mmg nak beli ni tp hubby suruh tgu akhir bulan ni lak kot2 die nak sponsor yg mahal cket haha tgkla mcm mana

mizzwaniey said...

http://hmizzwaniey.blogspot.com/ -- produk herbal forest secret.. comes visit da site...

vtec said...

leha thanks sbb brg dah selamat sampai, anyway servis leha mmg cpt n tip top, aku cam berdebar2 gak sbb brg ni dr luar negara takut ape2 hal kan, u have proved me wrong

:: s o l :: said...

tq vtec!
leha cuba yg terbaik consult vtec sbb kdg2 mmg service dr oversea ni takleh nak predict. sdgkn domestic postage pun mcm2 kes kan..

nanti nak beli pape bgtau la ye.. ;)