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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tulip & deZahra

Heya everyone! How's you day?

I am now proudly announcing that I am a dealer of...
deZahra fashion! :)

And i quote from their official website:

DeZahra, Arising Your NUR, was established on June 2008 to take the challenge for the ever-growing Muslimah’s need of high-fashion tudung.

As deZahra name itself means ARISING YOUR NUR, we are determined to be the No. 1 fashion design for Muslimah’s tudung to fit and match every attire in your closet!

You can read more about them here. And also cuci mata with their picture gallery- to date they have sponsored tudung for Nabila Huda's wedding and also Ayu Raudhah's in TV3 drama series Nur Kasih. I am pretty sure you had secret thought- alahaiii santeknye tudung dia. kan? Ahaks! ;p

Something else that I really adore about deZahra is their logo itself. I never realised it before bila sekali imbas tengok that it is a khat calligraphy logo symbolises a tulip flower! **well, at least for me it looks like tulip haha!** Oh only God knows how much I love khat calligaphy. And tulip of course hihi..

Ok enough with my excitement ahaks. So here are my pre-order stocks. I have no ready stock yet. You can pre-order these beautiful tudungs and I will surely let you know when they safely arrive at my doorstep. Can't hardly wait! :)

No deposit needed. And if you want to back out, just let me know. No worries, I will put the status back to available. Easy measy won't get my head cranky **ada ka phrase nih? sesukati je aku kan? haha**

Oh ya if you ever craving any of their tudung, you can tell me the code (from the official website- here) and I can get it especially for you! Not a problem, my pleasure :)

For your info my friends, deZahra tudungs are accordingly design in these styles:
  • Sarah - standard design
  • Fatihah - scallop design **kena pusing bagi depan tudung tu bulat**
  • Rayhanah - ala arab design. included anak tudung. the beauty of this design is that u can mix n match. best kan?
  • Hajjah - standard design but more 'labuh' compare to Sarah
So I will code my stock according to their style. Pics are taken from official website and it might be the same colour but different style or vice versa.

So taraaaa.. here are they- Pilih jangan tak pilih hehehe.. All M size.

Code : Fatihah 1
Price : RM 135
Status : SOLD

Code : Fatihah 2
Price : RM 100
Status : SOLD

Code : Fatihah 3
Price : RM 100
Status : SOLD

Code : Sarah 1
Price : RM 100
Status : SOLD

Code : Sarah 2
Size : RM 85
Status : Available (1)

Code : Rayhanah 1
Price : set- RM 100
anak tudung only- RM 20
tudung only- RM 80
Status : SOLD

Code : Rayhanah 2
Price : set- RM 100
anak tudung only- RM 20
tudung only- RM 80
Status : SOLD

Code : Rayhanah 3
Price : set- RM 100
anak tudung only- RM 20
tudung only- RM 80
Status : anak tudung- SOLD

Code : Hajjah 1
Size : M
Status : SOLD

Code : Hajjah 2
Size : M
Status : SOLD

Ada lagi tapi I tepek ni dulu la ye. Ngantuk sudah, zzzzzzzzzzz..

I hope you can tell the difference in deZahra's tudung styles. Stay tuned for more!
Take care everyone. Peace!!

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