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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tulip & deZahra- Batch 1 updated- ALL SOLD OUT!

Salam. Heya everyone! Have a nice day.

First and foremost, here I am from the bottom and the deepest ekekekeke chewahh of my tulip heart want to thank all of you beribu-ribu lemon.. for buying my deZahra Batch 1 tudungs dan buat ia laku bak goreng pisang panasss hihihi..

So here's my tudung stock from batch 1, only 3 pieces tudung available. Plus, a few new tudungs and anak tudung as well.

Ni copy paste from my previous deZahra entries tau. Nanti korang penin or konpius plak tengok my complete list of Batch 1 tu so ni I update khas untuk you all tawwww mana yang available lagik.. Baik hati kan I, cepat terima kasih kat I!! *motif?*

Code : Fatihah 9
Price : RM 90
Status : SOLD

Code : Hajjah 8
(pic is in Sarah style)
Price : RM 175
Status : SOLD

Code : Sarah 2
Price : RM 85
Status : SOLD

Ok and now here are a few new tudungs in Batch 1:

Code : Batch 1a
Size : All M size
Status : Hajjah for RM85- SOLD
Sarah for RM65- SOLD
Fatihah for RM90- SOLD

Code : Batch 1b
Size : M
Status : Sarah for RM100- SOLD

Code : Batch 1c
Size : M
Status : Sarah for RM100- SOLD
Notes: Awning is in DARK BLUE

Code : Batch 1d
Size : M
Status : Sarah for RM100- SOLD

Code : Batch 1e
Size : M
Status : Fatihah for RM100- SOLD

Code : Batch 1f
Size : M
Status : Hajjah for RM130- SOLD

Selamat cuci mata. Kalu dah berkenan tu cepat-cepat leave me a text/email ya! :)

Do take note that the price is not postage included. I charge these tudungs @RM10 (1-2 items) for postage via Pos Laju/Skynet. Thank you.

Take care,