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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tulip Bling Bling Stickers!!

heya everyone! have a nice day.

i havent got much time to update on my bling bling stickers yet. so i think this teaser will be enough for now. ill try to squeeze in and update on each one of them ok.

price : varies. but i only got two types of stickers right now.
type 1: rm7 each
type 2: rm12 each
postage : pos ekspress rm3 (1-4 stickers)
pos ekspress rm4 (5 stickers)

so to get the glam looks only cost you rm10 and/or rm15 each including postage!!!
and if u wanna buy in bulk, u will have the pleasure of enjoying a crazy deal-
buy 5 free 1 (same type of sticker)

happy shopping everyone!
bling bling!!

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